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wisdom teeth removal

removal of wisdom teeth west end

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal is perhaps one of the most stress-inducing dental procedures for many people. Having wisdom teeth coming through can be very uncomfortable and even cause some problems in the mouth. Infections are common because as the tooth protrudes, it makes an opening in the gum, and then as we eat, food can get caught in the opening causing an infection. This is a common reason why wisdom teeth are removed but they can also change the alignment of current teeth and even push them forward a little, causing a lot of discomfort. Again, this could be another reason why they’re removed but once removed, if the surrounding teeth have become a little crooked or whatnot, a dentist can put them back with ease if they don’t go back by themselves over time. However, with modern dentistry has made significant advances in all kinds of dental procedures, so even something as ‘scary’ as wisdom tooth removal in penrith need not be feared so much anymore. Especially so if you undergo the procedure at le tooth – our whole treatment philosophy is about putting the patient’s comfort first.

Wisdom tooth, or the third molars that come up at the very end, are four in number, two on each side on the top and bottom jaw. For some people, the molars grow in during the teen years, but some may have to wait till their twenties.

Since these molars are the last to erupt, they often run out of space and might come out in a crooked way, or they might even get stuck. In such cases, the dentist will often recommend wisdom tooth removal.

If you do not remove the problematic third molars

If there is enough space in the teeth, you won’t have to remove the molars because as they erupt they will settle into the available space. However, the problems occur when there is not enough space to accommodate them.

If you do not remove these problematic molars, it may lead to the following:

  • Food can get stuck in the teeth and it becomes difficult to clean
  • It can lead to painful infections
  • It can speed up the decay of the teeth
  • It can throw off your bite

Wisdom tooth removal procedure

The best time to get the tooth removed is before the roots are fully formed. To assess how the tooth is coming out, your dentist will first perform a dental examination and/or take x-rays. Under no circumstances should ever try to remove the teeth yourself, you should always leave it to a trained dentist.

During the procedure, you will receive local anaesthesia near the extraction site. In a local anaesthesia procedure, you will be awake during the extraction. Though you may feel the tooth being moved and some pressure, you will not experience any pain.

Sedation anaesthesia may also be administered if that is a better option for your specific condition. This type of anaesthesia suppresses your consciousness during the procedure, and prevents you from feeling pain. You will also receive local anaesthesia.

Some situations may require general anaesthesia. During the procedure you will not be awake.

After the surgery

The following can speed up recovery:

  • Placing an ice pack to reduce swelling
  • Eating soft food after surgery
  • Keeping head elevated
  • Taking medicine as prescribed
  • Cutting off smoking to promote quicker healing
  • Practising gentle cleaning and rinsing of mouth as recommended
  • Keeping yourself hydrated with lots of fluids

As you recover, if you develop a fever or feel unbearable pain even after taking pain killers, consult a dentist immediately.

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