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General dentistry.

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Our general dentistry services include a range of preventative and targeted treatments essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

At le tooth, caring for your dental health is comfortable and stress-free, just the way it should be.

Learn more about how we can support your dental wellbeing below.

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Young female patient receiving in-chair treatment at le tooth West End dental practice

Preventative care.

Regular dental check-ups and good dental hygiene are the secrets to healthy teeth and gums at all ages.

At le tooth, we take preventative dental care seriously.

Our examinations begin with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and needs.聽A scale and clean procedure then removes any plaque and tartar build-up that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Lastly, a high-concentration fluoride treatment strengthens your enamel and protects your teeth from cavities.

Remember, early detection and intervention of any dental problems will save you pain and costly treatment later on.

Treatment price guide

Check-up and clean: $199

Young girl sitting in dental chair at le tooth

Paediatric dentistry.

It is essential for children to develop good dental hygiene and habits from a young age.

At le tooth, our paediatric patients are welcomed to a friendly environment, ensuring they feel right at home during treatment.

We offer bulk-billed dental treatment for children eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). The CDBS covers up to $1,000 over a two year period, for a range of preventative and restorative treatments.

Call us or visit Medicare for more details.

Gum disease.

Experiencing bad breath or swollen, sore, bleeding gums?

Gum disease is a common condition that begins with gum inflammation caused by the bacteria in plaque build-up (gingivitis). If left untreated, toxins from the bacteria can destroy the bone and gum tissue that hold teeth in place, resulting in tooth loss (periodontitis).

Fortunately, gum disease can be easily treated with deep gum cleaning when diagnosed early, and kept at bay with regular brushing and flossing.

Make sure to book an appointment at le tooth if you are suffering from irritated gums.

Dentist at le tooth demonstrating how to use an electric toothbrush
Patient鈥檚 front teeth before and after receiving natural-looking dental fillings at le tooth
Before/After: Composite resin fillings on incisors. Photo by le tooth


If your tooth has been damaged from physical trauma or decay, a filling can restore its form and function.

Our fillings are crafted with precision from modern, tooth-coloured materials such as composite resins and porcelain ceramics.

This ensures all restorative work is durable and blends in naturally with your smile.

3D scan of mouth showing impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth.

Dreading the thought of having your wisdom teeth removed?

Delaying treatment can actually result in acute facial pain and infection. The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is often a complex procedure that requires careful diagnosis and planning, in order to avoid disturbing the surrounding teeth.

We use the latest 3D imaging techniques to ensure treatment is minimally invasive and recovery times are fast. Rest assured, you will be in safe, gentle hands.


When participating in contact sports, wearing a mouthguard is essential for protecting your teeth from trauma.

But did you know that not all mouthguards are created equal?

Boil and bite mouthguards (available over-the-counter or online) often fit poorly, and offer little shock absorption from direct impacts to the mouth.

At le tooth, we make custom-fitted mouthguards that are just for you. Invest in the best protection for your teeth on the field.

Blue and white sports mouthguard