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root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment West End

Root Canal Therapy West End

The first word people usually associate with ‘root canal therapy’ is ‘pain’. But thanks to modern advances in dentistry, the procedure is now relatively pain-free and comfortable.

Root canal therapy focuses on saving the damaged tooth and preventing it from being extracted. Certain conditions such as cracked teeth, dental injuries or trauma, or severe tooth decay can warrant this aggressive treatment. Root canal therapy is advised when the nerve in your tooth is either dying or already dead.

The pain associated with severely damaged tooth is due to the dying nerves literally screaming to release the inflammation. At this stage, the only option is to remove the nerve and to seal the empty space with a special filling. The tooth will still be functional, but completely clear of infection. With proper maintenance the repaired tooth will function without any problems for years.


The procedure is performed only when there is a deep infection in the teeth. The pulp will be infected with bacteria and can cause swelling.

The following are the different stages in the root canal procedure

  • Examination of teeth infection using special tools
  • Pain management
  • X-ray, as required
  • Removing of the infection in the pulp
  • Filling of the pulp region
  • Sealing of the tooth

Many a time, patients don’t even realize that they need a root canal. This often happens when the tooth nerve has already died and no pain is experienced. Such teeth may turn dark or discoloured. At times, a nodule can also appear on the gum near the tooth which will drain pus. There may not be any pain because the tooth is dead, but it can still be infected inside, which needs to be cleaned out.

At le tooth, our dentists will discuss your dental issues and the different treatment options that are available. Root canal therapy at le tooth is not a scary thing – our dentists and all our staff members go out of their way to put you at ease and make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.

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