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Sports Mouthguards West End

Custom Dental Mouthguards

Mouth guards offer protection to the mouth, teeth, and jaw. They can be worn during sports and to help with problems associated with teeth grinding. This protection is generally focused on the upper jaw or upper teeth as they usually take the brunt of any injuries. The lower teeth are somewhat more protected naturally as they are further back, and do not stick out as much as your upper teeth.

If you or your family members regularly engage in sports such as football, hockey, boxing, gymnastics, or other recreational activities, it would be wise to invest in mouth guards. Also known as mouth protectors, they help cushion a blow to the face, thus preventing serious injuries to your tongue, lips, teeth, face, or jaw.

If your child plays sports, make the mouth guard an essential item in his or her sports kit. Even if you wear braces, you can still use a mouth guard. If braces are used, your dentist may also fit you with a guard for your lower teeth.

There are different types of mouth guards available:

  • Ready to wear mouth guards that can be brought from the store. They might not offer a proper fit, though.
  • Boil and Bite mouth guards which can also be brought from stores. All you need to do is to soften them up with hot water, and then wear them. They offer better fit than the over-the-counter ones.
  • Custom-made mouth guards which are made by skilled dentists. This is the best option.

At le tooth, our dentists will first conduct a dental examination before fitting you with a mouth guard. If you wear braces or have bridgework done, you may have questions about how a mouth guard can be worn over them. We will be happy to answer your questions.

The fact is that if you wear braces, it is more important to wear a mouth guard because otherwise a severe blow to the face could damage or knock loose the brackets or other orthodontic appliances in your mouth.

Be mindful of the following when you use a mouth guard:

  • Clean the mouth guard thoroughly after each use
  • They should be stored in a proper container
  • They should be protected against extreme hot temperatures

When you consult us, we can also tell you when you need to replace the mouth guard. If you find a tear in the apparatus, or if you feel that it does not fit you well anymore, it may be time to replace them. Children and teens may need to replace mouth guards often as their jawbones are still growing.

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