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initial examination

initial examination

Initial Dental Examination West End

Welcome to le tooth, your local family dentist at the west end. We provide quality dental care specifically tailored for your requirements.

At le tooth, we have state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified dentists to offer the safest and most reliable dental procedures. Our staff goes out of their way to make your visit pleasant and stress-free. Many of our clients refer their family members to us because of their positive experience with us. So, if you need a dentist for the whole family make sure you do your research first and find the one that best fits you, whether it’s us or one more local to your area, be happy with your choice.

Initial Examination: What to expect

When you come in for a dental visit, we first conduct a thorough examination to understand your oral and physical health, and your specific dental concerns. Here is what you can expect during the initial consultation.

  • We collect your medical history
  • We discuss your health concerns, current and previous
  • We discuss your general oral health and hygiene habits
  • We ask you about the medications that you may be currently consuming
  • We would also want to know if you have had any previous dental work done
  • We perform a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth
  • We check your jaw and bite for any problems
  • X-rays are taken if needed
  • We evaluate whether you need any tooth replacement or restoration
  • During the exam, we also discuss and demonstrate the best oral cleaning techniques

Dental health information is generally collected by examining the mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and jaws. A thorough examination ensures that we have a clear understanding of your current oral health. A complete dental record will be available in our centre. This will help us plan for future dental treatment, if required. Your dentists may use different methods to obtain this information – through physical examination, digital X-rays, photographs, or by using models of teeth.

We need to know your medical history because certain conditions put you at increased risk for dental problems. For example, if you have diabetes, you may be at increased risk for gum disease which will obviously require gum disease treatment. Also, if any of the medications that you take causes dry mouth, it may again increase your chances of tooth decay. If you have dentures or bridges, the dentist will assess them for fit, and ascertain whether they need any adjustment.

During the initial examination, we also typically discuss how diet affects dental health, smoking, and other lifestyle factors that have a direct bearing on oral health.

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