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children’s dentistry

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Children’s Dentist

Though the principles of dentistry are the same for all ages, children’s dentistry is quite different from that of adults. Children cannot be treated like tiny adults – they may not always be cooperative or patient during dental procedures.

Paediatric dentists must always take into consideration the fact that they are dealing with young children, and treat them in a way that makes them comfortable. At le tooth, our children’s dentistry department creates a friendly home-like atmosphere for your child.

Paediatric dentists are dedicated to taking care of oral health of children right from infancy to teens. Make dental visits a regular part of your child’s growing-up years and they will have healthy and amazing teeth through their adult years.

It is recommended that visit to the dentists start when they are a year old, or at the time the first tooth appears. Regular visits to the dentist and having friendly consultations will also help children get used to the idea of dental visits, and they learn that a trip to the dentist is not something to panic about.

Regular paediatric dental consultation helps in many different ways:

  • Dental examination helps check for childhood dental caries
  • Helps provide information to parents on using pacifiers, thumb sucking
  • Check on the formation of teeth, and if they are properly aligned
  • Provide treatment for teeth straightening
  • Form healthy dental habits

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

le tooth offers bulk billed children’s dentistry under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. If eligible your child will have $1000 to use on dental treatment over a 2 year period. Call our friendly staff to check your eligibility.

That is not all, experienced dentists will also provide information and guidance on nutrition and proper diet. Both parents and children can be counselled on how sugary drinks can affect the health of teeth. It is also a chance for parents to learn how to help children maintain good oral hygiene.

When children are equipped with such knowledge right from a young age, they will be better equipped to take care of their teeth. As adults, they will also be more likely to proactively seek help at the first sign of dental trouble, instead of neglecting it and letting it damage the teeth and gums.

Dental emergencies can be stressful for anyone – more so for children. If your child has a dental emergency, we will try and schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Regular dental services such as treating cavities, fixing braces, mouth guards etc. are also provided at le tooth dental centre.

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