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Will Teeth Whitening harm teeth?

May 7, 2019 5:12 pm Published by
Will Teeth Whitening harm teeth

Teeth change their colour over the years. Aging is one of the main reasons teeth change colour. Taking medicines, especially if they are consumed by a child before the age of ten can turn teeth yellowish. Genetics and dental disorders also decide the colour of the teeth. Accidents which result in the teeth affected can also induce the teeth to turn yellow or black.

Besides these, habits such as consuming too much coffee, tea or smoking or chewing tobacco can also change the teeth yellow. In this case, it is the dental enamel that is stained. Oral hygiene practices will also reflect the colour of the teeth. If proper cleaning of teeth is not done – then plaque and tartar build up can occur and they will be deposits on the teeth. This can cause discolouration or yellowing of the teeth.

Regaining the colour of teeth and improving the appearance of the teeth is what teeth whitening intents. Improving oral health and hygiene is also achieved by this treatment. In the case of plaque affecting the colour of the teeth, dentists will remove the solidified tartar on the teeth and clean it. This will help to put an end to tooth decay which can happen due to plaque or tartar build up.

In order to achieve this, two types of treatment are available.

  • Intrinsic whitening helps to brighten the teeth from inside
  • Extrinsic whitening will clean up the teeth from outside and brighten it

It is important that the cause of the teeth discolouration is understood before one decides on intrinsic or extrinsic whitening. Dental consultation will help to understand this. Dentists will use their special skills and techniques to determine the cause of teeth discoloration. If it is caused due to consuming coffee or using tobacco then it will need extrinsic whitening technique. If the reason is due to other reasons that point towards intrinsic discolouration then no amount of extrinsic whitening will solve the problem.

What is used to whiten the teeth?

Teeth whitening can be done using different types of whitening products. There are different types of whitening products like whitening strips and toothpaste, mouth rinses. Whiteners come in trays which can be placed on teeth to brighten them up. Some whiteners can be done at home and also at the dentist’s office. It is always best to check with the Penrith dentists to find out which type of whitening is safe and suitable. Guidance on this can be obtained from the dentist during the consultation.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure to follow. The different products that are available are efficient and achieve good results. Proper treatment procedures need to be followed to ensure that they are safe and does not harm oral health.

Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

If examined closely, there are two simple side effects that are seen due to teeth whitening in people. Tooth sensitivity is seen in few people after undergoing teeth whitening procedure. During the procedure, the covering of the teeth is exposed – this will expose teeth and cause sensitivity when food is consumed. This effect is more pronounced when hot or cold food is consumed. During the consultation with the dentist, this can be discussed and the products which help with teeth sensitivity can be chosen for the procedure.

Gum tissues get irritated when the teeth whitening procedure is done- especially if done at home. The soft gum tissue gets irritated when they are exposed to the lotion. Redness in the area that is affected, followed by inflammation or bleeding from the area is noticed. It is important that when this happens then care is taken to avoid further damage and seek professional help.

Apart from sensitivity and gum tissue irritation which are minor and these are temporary effects. The benefits are immense.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Discolouration in the teeth is due to aging, and whitening works as an anti-aging mechanism. This works wonders in restoring people’s confidence and self-esteem. People who have gone through the procedure report immense changes in their life. Improvement in work life and in other areas contributed to overall health as well.

This is one of the easiest procedures in dental medicine. This does not require prior preparation of the teeth. This procedure also can be completed in a very short time. As mentioned above side effects are minimal. This is also easy to maintain – there is a need to be careful about what is consumed for the first few hours only. Once teeth are brighter and sparkling, people have shown an increased tendency to be very proper with their brushing and flossing.

Increased oral health is noticed in many after they undergo teeth whitening procedure. The need to maintain a bright smile is often the reason. Taking care to avoid food and drinks that cause stains, staying away or reducing habits like smoking and tobacco chewing has been reported in studies conducted.

Spending very less time and achieving great results is what teeth whitening does. The cost of teeth whitening is not high and it is available in almost all dental clinics. Some go for teeth whitening for medical reasons while others for improving oral health. There is no need to worry that this can damage the teeth as this is a quick procedure. Removing stains really mounts to cleaning the teeth. It does not remove any portion of teeth, the debris that is stuck to the teeth in the form of stains is cleaned away by this procedure.

Even if there is no teeth discolouration it is beneficial to have teeth whitening done once or twice in a year. During consultations, dentists can suggest the frequency of having teeth cleaned. Even if there one follows good brushing and flossing techniques, teeth cleaning and whitening procedure done at the dentists will be definitely advantageous. Along with the procedure, the dentists can also examine the oral health of the person and guide them for better oral health and hygiene.

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