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Tooth Decay

February 9, 2017 3:39 am Published by
Tooth decay

Caries this is the term you may have heard your dentist use when you have tooth decay, or a hole in your tooth. Caries is the Latin word used, and is caused by SUGAR.

With the populations ever increasing sugar consumption there are ways in which you can prevent the development of decay.

  • Reduce the frequency of sugar intake
  • Reduce the amount of sugar intake
  • Be aware of hidden sugars, such as fruit, fruit juice, sports drinks.

What is required for decay to take place

 Tooth + Plaque + Sugar + Time = Tooth Decay

When a new tooth erupts, the enamel is slightly weakened – this tooth is more likely to get caries if not taken care of properly.

Many dentists use preventative measures with newly erupted teeth in children.

Fissure sealants are placed on the biting surface of newly erupted molar teeth in children and are a great way to prevent decay, along with excellent oral hygiene.

Stages of caries

  1. Small pit in the enamel – the tooths outer surface.
  2. The small pit reaches the tooth next layer – dentine which is destroyed faster than enamel
  3. An open cavity is formed – the enamel structure collapses

These first stages often happen without any discomfort or sensitivity.

  1. The decay reaches the nerve of the tooth – Pulpitis
  2. An abscess forms near the root of the tooth

These last 2 stages can be very painful and urgent treatment is often required.

Prevention is a key philosophy at le tooth

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