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Tooth Crowding

February 15, 2017 3:12 am Published by
clear removable appliance

Everyone has a different smile, with different size and shape teeth. The way your teeth are aligned is often genetic. There are many contributing factors to crowding of the teeth. You may have more than the average 32 teeth; your jaw may not be large enough for all of your teeth to fit evenly spaced.

Crowding of the teeth can cause many problems for people other than appearance. Cleaning can be made very difficult, which can lead to increase of cavities. It can alter your speech, and have a negative impact on your chewing ability.

Assessments of tooth crowding can be detected early through regular dental visits. Treatment is often carried out during teenage years.

A referral from your general dentist to an orthodontist may be required for assessment and treatment planning. You may find yourself needing to visit somewhere like Durham Dental orthodontics after a referral from your regular dentist.

Some teeth are often required to be removed before the ‘braces’ are put on. This is a common procedure carried out with local anaesthetic by your regular dentist.

fixed appliance

Fixed Appliance

There are various treatment options for tooth crowding

  • Removable appliances
  • Clear appliances
  • Fixed appliances

Excellent oral hygiene and coaching is paramount whist undergoing the orthodontic treatment. Regular appointments with your general dentist, and orthodontist are essential.

The treatment can span from a few months to a few years which may feel like a long process but the end results are worth it.

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