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tooth coloured restorations

tooth colored fillings west end

Tooth Coloured Restorations West End

What you eat and how you take care of your teeth have a direct impact on your oral health. Taking care of teeth at home, and regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and examination will help maintain or restore the health of your teeth.

Modern dentistry is all about the ‘biomimetic’ approach (bio = life, mimetic = mimicking), which allows dentists to perform restorations that look exactly like natural teeth. Tooth coloured restorations are not only safe and durable, but they are comparable to natural teeth in function and appearance. In fact, no one would even notice that you have had any restorative work done.

We use metal-free restorative materials such as porcelains and composite resins. In the past, metal fillings used to be the common practice, but by today’s standards they don’t provide the same kind of safety and reliability that modern restorative techniques can.

While restoring or rebuilding your damaged tooth, the goal is to fully recreate the function and appearance of that tooth. At le tooth, we use tooth-coloured fillings that bond to your tooth without leaching out any harmful toxins.

Advantages of tooth coloured fillings

  • Colour is identical to that of natural teeth
  • Helps support structure of tooth
  • Prevents further tooth decay
  • Maintains dental health
  • No leakage of chemicals

Procedure for tooth restoration

At le tooth centre, our dentists will first conduct a thorough dental examination and understand the nature of tooth damage. The type of filling will be determined based on the nature of tooth decay, and the type of material that may be best suited for your specific needs.

Once we decide on the material to be used, we also check if you have any allergies associated with it. Our dentists will give you multiple options at different price points, you can pick one that is most suited for your needs and budget.

If your tooth decay requires more than a filling, but less than a crown, we can use something called a composite inlay or onlay to make your teeth functional again. They are tooth-coloured and will considerably strengthen the structure of the tooth.

The materials used are also durable. With proper care, they can last up to 30 years. The goal of fillings is to save your teeth, and they do that splendidly. Fillings will stop further damage and will also prevent your tooth from having to be extracted. With tooth-coloured restoration, you can smile and eat with confidence.

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