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Symptoms – Bleeding from the Gums/Teeth

January 9, 2017 10:47 am Published by
Bleeding Gums/Teeth

You might have noticed some blood in your saliva after you’ve brushed your teeth. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve noticed a few spots on your pillowcase in the morning or on your toothbrush after brushing.

The natural reaction is to think there’s a problem and perhaps even panic.

What should you do?

The first thing is to stay calm and not to worry unduly.  These sorts of events are fairly common and do not necessarily indicate that you have a serious oral health problem.

The potential causes are numerous and many are trivial.  You may have simply ‘caught’ an area of your gum with a little too vigorous brushing. Perhaps you’re using a brush that is a little too harsh for your mouth or you have sensitive teeth – and so on.

However, that DOESN’T mean that all is well.  Under normal circumstances, you should not bleed from your teeth and gums after a routine brushing. So, if it happens, it’s worth taking note of.  If it starts happening regularly, then it’s important to take action to get the problem identified, diagnosed and treated.

The causes can be many but some of the most common include errors in the selection of your toothbrush and cleaning regimes like flossing that are being incorrectly used for the individual concerned. Of course, the symptoms might also be indicating something such as tooth decay or early stage gum disease.  The reality is that you won’t know for sure until an examination is conducted.

Keep in mind too that whatever the cause is, it may not go away until you do something.

 As a local dentist, Brisbane and area residents can be sure we’ll perform an expert examination of your mouth and diagnose where the problem is coming from.

If treatment is required, we can perform or arrange that too.

So, don’t sit at home worrying and speculating.  Why not put your mind at rest by coming and seeing us instead? 

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