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Should You Get Your Teeth Whitened?

March 6, 2019 4:51 pm Published by
Get Your Teeth Whitened

There is a wide variety of cosmetic procedures available to improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth with teeth whitening being the most popular of them. Teeth whitening is a procedure which is prescribed by a dental professional to whiten teeth which are discoloured due to various reasons. It has become very wide spread practice cutting across all levels of society.

White teeth improves self-confidence

Your self-confidence stems from a number of factors, one of which is your physical appearance. Your teeth are a prominent feature of your face which gets noticed when you appear in front of people. Therefore teeth play an important role in your overall look. 

Positive self-image plays an important role in getting jobs, selecting a life partner, making friends, selecting neighbourhoods, starting a family and keeping a family happy. People with low self-esteem due to their appearance, develop a poor self-image and lack in personal value. Because of this poor self- image, they do not appreciate their own strengths and lag behind in realising their potential.

Therefore it is essential that one must do all in one’s power to look as best as they can. Since teeth are a very visible part of face than gets noticed easily, it is vital that you take care of maintain a healthy and happy smile. If for some reason your teeth are stained, or discoloured, get dental treatment for whitening your teeth and improving your smile.

What are the reasons for you to go for teeth whitening procedure?

The most common reason to go for teeth whitening treatment is to look your best on special occasions like weddings or an alumni meet, a graduation ceremony, or a social gathering at the office. Naturally you wouldn’t want to look anything less than the best. You will want to flash a smile which is not marred by any discolouration. The teeth whitening treatment pays off when you see your photographs taken during special occasions.

Another equally important occasion to appear your best is at a job interview. A smile on the face of interviewee creates a first good impression which adds to positive tidings during the interview and helps get the votes lined up in your favour. Therefore a teeth whitening treatment before an important job interviews is a worthwhile exercise.

Age is also an important consideration to opt for teeth whitening. Even with utmost care, as you grow older your teeth discolours and slowly become yellow. There are many treatments available which will take into account the age of a patient before starting the teeth whitening treatment.

Some people have very poor oral hygiene habits. When these habits result in discolouration of teeth, the dentist may suggest a teeth whitening treatment. When a person invests in money and time in this treatment it becomes necessary for them to change their poor oral health habits and adopt more careful regime for oral health. They then have the motivation to change the things they were careless about earlier, like regular brushing, and flossing and other habits, with the help of their local dentist. Regular oral checkups can help you keep on top of your oral health. It is recommended that you have a dental checkup every six months to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and for your dentist to deal with any problems that may emerge. You can learn more by visiting your local dental practice or going to

Factors that are responsible for discoloured teeth

  1. Plaque

Due to bad oral hygiene, plaque gets settled on and around teeth. Plaque is a very serious oral health issue and has to be tackled by the dental professional. At the end of the treatment of removing plaque from the mouth teeth and gums, the doctor may suggest teeth whitening to give the teeth its original white colour.

  1. Ageing

Age takes toll on the teeth as well as all other parts of the body. The enamel on the teeth wears off with age. With enamel gone, the teeth look yellow and it also brings upon other oral health problems like sensitivity and gum problems. After doing the needful for oral problems during old age, the dentist may suggest teeth whitening for maintaining bright and white smile.

  1. Smoking

Smoking has a detrimental effect on oral health. There is more plaque build-up and hence more bacteria are found in the mouth of smokers. After treating oral health issues, and removing plaque and bacteria, there is the need to whiten the teeth which have become discoloured. This treatment gives confidence and a better smile to people who have had the habit of smoking.

  1. Beverages

Coffee, tea, or wine if taken in excess discolours your teeth. Some drinks also discolours the teeth if taken in large amounts. The stains can be removed to give the patient a healthier looking smile.

It is important to take care of your teeth after the treatment. A few simple steps taken after the treatment will prevent your teeth from discolouration again.

  1. Intrinsic factors

Sometimes, teeth can be stained from within. Too much chlorinated water during childhood causes stained teeth. Antibiotics such as tetracycline during early childhood sometimes result in discoloured teeth in children. Trauma to teeth during childhood also results in yellow or brown coloured teeth.

How to prevent discolouration after teeth whitening treatment

Stop or reduce foods and drinks that tend to discolour your teeth, like tea, coffee, tomato sauce, berries and candy among others. Using a straw is advised against letting the drink touch your teeth. Stop smoking.

Overall, teeth whitening treatment gives a boost to your self-image, and improves confidence while talking to others. For people who are in professions where they appear in front of large audience or camera all the time, the teeth whitening treatment comes as a boon.

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