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teeth whitening

What is it & why do we need it.

There are 3 main salivary glands in the mouth. You may have noticed the sublingual salivary gland underneath your tongue, behind your lower front teeth. It sometimes gets a bit over excited & shoots a whole load of saliva out at your dental visit or when eating particular foods. This happens as a result of a reflex action.

Saliva is mainly water, in fact 99.5%. The rest is made up of proteins, enzymes and other dissolved substances you cannot see with the naked eye.

Saliva is extremely important in your mouth, it helps with mastication (chewing), swallowing, speech, taste, digestion and it buffers unbalanced pH in the mouth. pH in the mouth is neutral, until something is consumed. This alters the pH level. It takes around 30 minutes for your saliva to buffer and return to its neutral state.

Everyone has a different composition of saliva and this can affect other factors in the oral cavity.

Your saliva flow almost stops when you sleep, this is why it is important to floss and brush your teeth before bed as the saliva flow is unable to wash away food particles that can be left in the mouth.

Living in Queensland, having a lack of saliva or a dry mouth can also be an indication of de-hydration. Water intake is essential.

Certain medical conditions and medications can affect the production of saliva. Synthetic saliva is available for people undergoing treatment which ceases/slows the saliva production.

Your saliva is checked at your routine dental examinations at le tooth

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