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Mouth Guards

November 24, 2016 6:11 am Published by

We work hard to protect our children’s teeth, making sure they have a great routine of tooth-brushing twice a day, and daily flossing. Also watching their diet, reducing the amount of sugary snacks in between meals, keeping sports and sugary drinks out of reach to prevent acid attacks and decay. These are daily conscious decisions we take to ensure our children’s optimum health

But what about when they are playing sports are you making sure they have the best possible protection to prevent dental trauma. Dental mouth guards are the best gift your child can have when they are physical, active, and playing contact sports.

A custom fit mouth guard from your dentist is the best option. A quick and easy appointment, and a week later you have teeth protection in the colour you want – sometimes several colours to match your footy club or hockey team.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter trauma cases and with mouth protection is really does help prevent broken teeth, gums and lips. Primary teeth are just as important as the secondary teeth.

It is always sad to see a trauma cases which could have been prevented but we are always here to help with our emergency service.

We encourage all our athletes at le tooth to play smart, play safe and wear your mouth guard.

Wearing your mouth guard at training sessions and whenever you are playing sport is a great way to get into a routine, so you never forget it.

Your mouth guard is just as vital as your boots so regular cleaning is required. Rinsing with cold water before and after use, and storing in the case provided to prevent damage & mix ups!

And remember to bring your mouth guard to your regular dental visits so we can check the fit. 🙂

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