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Jaw Problems

September 29, 2016 12:56 pm Published by
Jaw Problems

TMJ or tempro-manibular joint is something you will be familiar with if you suffer from a clicking or locking jaw.
The joint plays an important role in enabling you to open and close your mouth, chewing talking and yawning.

There are common disorders which can be caused by many different factors a few are

• Missing teeth
• Clenching and grinding teeth – can be stress related
• Tension
• Injuries

The symptoms range in severity and can cause

• Limited jaw function
• Problems opening your mouth
• Pain in jaw
• Clinking and locking of the jaw
• Headaches, pain in neck, shoulders and back

Often a referral is required to a TMJ specialist to manage server and problematic cases

The joint is checked at your regular routine care appointments. This is part of your full dental examination.
Grinding and clenching can cause tension in the muscles around the joint and this can also often cause pain. The pain is often thought to be toothache, and hard to pin point. I will be discussing this in more detail next time as it can have a big impact of your daily life.

But of course as always if you have any concerns make an appointment with your dentist 🙂

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