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How To Choose The Right Dentures For Your Dental Problem

March 19, 2020 2:43 pm Published by
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During our lifetime, many of us may be advised to opt for dentures. Initially it looks like a very big decision to make. You wonder about how they will make your smile look, and what your image will be after putting on dentures instead of your real teeth. The medical practitioner will advise you about whether the dentures are the best choice, but the ultimate decision will be yours.

At one time people used to associate dentures with a certain age. But the thing is, even young people may be required to wear dentures due to advanced dental conditions. Today because of advanced medical practice, many patients suffering from acid reflux who may suffer tooth loss have to opt for dentures. Some times when teeth are lost because of accidents or advanced medical conditions of the gums, or teeth decay in younger age, dentures are required.

The dental arena has a lot to offer in the area of dentures. The industry in dental care has really come of age in various areas of dental care. Dentures are a very big segment of dental care industry and it is important to know what is available for specific requirement. Today dentures are not big and bulky devices they used to be which you may have seen to fall off easily while talking or eating. Today they are sleek and smart very natural looking that match your natural looks.

The choice is wide, and enough to confuse anyone. To choose right you need to know what your specific requirement is and what is available to fulfil your need. To be able to narrow down your choice you need to know the types of dentures available. Then you need to understand what your needs are and what are the specifics that you must keep in mind for you when you shop for dentures.

To choose the right type of denture for your specific needs, you will have to consult your dentist because your dentist will tell you about your needs as well as the specific qualities of dentures available.

Different types of dentures

Dentures are made in a variety of materials and styles. Basically there are two types fixed and removable. In these basic categories there is a wide variety from which to choose.

The following are the main types of dentures.

Immediate dentures

These are temporary dentures which are made to replace recently extracted teeth and are supposed to be used by the patient for a smaller period of time until the permanent dentures can be prepared.

Full dentures

These types of dentures are made to replace all the teeth in upper or lower jaw or both. They are also called complete dentures. They are made to rest on top of the gums and usually they are fixed after 8 to 12 weeks after extraction of teeth.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are made to replace one or more natural teeth which have been taken out or lost for some reason. Again, this can be for either or both jaws. A natural gum coloured base is used as a base. A metal pin is attached to the base and together these two pieces keep the dentures in place. They are generally preferred because they can be removed easily and convenient to use.

Custom made dentures

Custom made dentures are made of more expensive materials where care is taken to match the colour of the bas to your natural gum colour. The material used to make the teeth is also expensive and care is taken to create teeth to look like original teeth as much as possible.

Implant retained dentures

These are dental implants which are made to replace lost teeth but are fixed directly on the jaws. In this kind the dentures are supported on implants which are attached to the dental posts which have been screwed into your jawbones through gums and placed at regular intervals to support your dentures. It is a whole new technique developed in recent years which has opened up many possibilities. Many people prefer implant supported dentures because they require minimum care and are longer lasting than traditional dentures. For implants your jaws and gums need to be in proper condition. If the gums have receded and jawbones have atrophied, than your dentist will think about grafting of gums and bones.

Snap in dentures

Snap in dentures are very useful and effective. They are either snapped on the implants or are held in place on the existing teeth with the help of locators to anchor on to them. The snap on dentures can be used on patients who may not have any teeth but enough bone to support implant.

Economy dentures

Then there are economy dentures which are just that as the name suggests. Very economical.

Choosing the right type of dentures

The above are the basic types of dentures. But before you decide on what to choose, think about your needs.

All the information you need can be given by your dentist or you can get them from internet. In either case you will have to consult your dental health professional to get the expert opinion on your choice. In fact your dentist knows your mouth from inside better than you. She also may know your lifestyle and your budget. The expert on dentures also can have a say on your choice when you explain to him all the conditions and your preferences. She can always suggest an alternative in the same budget or same preferences in a different budget.

The factors to be considered will also be decided by:

  • Number of teeth that are to be replaced
  • Allergies if you have any
  • When you need the dentures
  • Other issues you may have about your dental and general health

You may have to consider the care required by the various types and the material they are made of. The cost of dentures vary according to the material they are made of and whether they are removable or fixed.

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