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gentle dentistry

August 19, 2016 12:02 pm Published by
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Will it hurt? This is a phrase that used to be a frequent one associated with professions doomed by the images of latex gloves, metal instruments, and a masked face looming over you in whilst you try and ‘relax’ in the most unnatural position; mouth open wide, full of water whilst you are laid on your back in a dental chair ‘relaxing’!

Now if you are under the age of 20 you may be a little confused.


Or you may have been told by your parents / grandparents of the old school dental horrors.

For a lot of the population this stereotype and fear of the dentist has disappeared, but we understand we are not most people’s favourite hang-out. Although we do have a few patients that randomly drop in for coffee, may be it’s because we have a Nespresso machine, may be it’s for the company?

Dentistry has evolved and changed so much over the last century. With a whole different approach and outlook and prevention being one of the key aspects.

Preventative dentistry and building great relationships with patients ensures smooth and easy visits.
We ensure our patients have a full understanding of their oral health and explain the treatment options and needs.

For this we deliver the best experience possible. Distraction whilst laid in the chair is of great benefit to patients. Wal-mounted TVs with an array of Netflix channels is great for everyone and when dental treatment is carried out, it is done with the best techniques in a conservative manner.

The whole point of the initial consultation with a dentist is to have your mouth, teeth and gums examined but also to make sure you first of all like the person who is potentially going to care for your oral health for many years. This is a great opportunity to express your concerns, if any, so we as the dental team can work together with you.

For certain dental treatments, the use of local anaesthetic is required. In this instance, the local anaesthetic is used to ensure your comfort during procedures and to ensure the dental treatment is carried out in a safe manner.

So we don’t expect you to like or get excited about having an injection, but we make the process a whole lot easier by numbing the area with an anaesthetic gel which numbs the gum tissue beforegand. This then makes the delivery of the injection easier.

So when you put all these factors in to play, you have a gentle dental experience.

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