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Dental Fillings – What are They and Do You Need Them?

August 10, 2019 9:41 am Published by
Dental Fillings – What are They and Do You Need Them?

Protecting damaged or decayed teeth using specialised tools and techniques in what dental fillings are required for. Teeth which are spoiled are protected by filling them with materials. This will support the teeth and they are able to provide assistance structurally and functionally. The focus of this dental procedure is for teeth which have cavities. A Dental filling is one of the safest types of dental restoration methods that are done to restore the complete functioning of a decayed tooth.

Dental cavities damage the teeth by making it hollow and eventually they come loose from their root. Through this procedure, the teeth are saved from falling off. Teeth which are chipped or broken due to accidents are also treated using dental fillings.

Procedure and types of fillings

After the dental filling is decided as the restorative procedure by the dentist, local anaesthesia is administered near the tooth which requires treatment. The dentist will then use a drill to open the tooth. When the top portion of the tooth is removed, the decayed interior of the teeth becomes accessible. The dentist will then slowly remove the decayed portion of the teeth. Thorough cleaning of the teeth interior is conducted to make sure no decayed portion remains in the cavity. After the teeth are cleaned, materials are placed inside the teeth and sealed. Some would require more dental procedures like placing dental crowns if the teeth damage is more severe. This is all decided during dental consultations.

There are different types of fillings available. Some of the common ones are silver amalgams, composite or tooth coloured resins, porcelain and gold fillings. Silver amalgams are generally used as fillings, they are durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of the chewing movements of the teeth. When people prefer to look at the aesthetic side of fillings – many prefer tooth coloured resins. As the name suggests they blend well with the tooth. Because of their colour and ability to blend with the natural teeth, they are used when fillings are needed in the front portion of the teeth. They also are very useful when it comes to taking care of teeth that are chipped or broken.

Porcelain fillings are made of ceramic materials and are nontoxic and merge well with the natural teeth. Gold fillings are also available, some prefer gold over silver or other type of fillings. Gold is durable and is able to withstand the pressure that is applied on the teeth. Based on individual preferences, people choose different types of fillings. Depending on the type of fillings used, the durability changes but most of them last for 6-20 years. The deterioration and how they are maintenance also play an important part in their durability.

Suitable for dental concerns

Tooth decay and dental cavities can happen even if one has very severe personal oral hygiene. It is important that consultations with dentists are done twice a year. This helps to foresee dental problems and seek immediate help. Delay in treatment will only aggravate the problem. Plaque is seen commonly in every one, it is a colourless film of bacteria found in the mouth. This will gradually build up in the mouth. If unchecked this can develop as a deposit on the gum lining. Regular brushing cannot remove tartar build up in the mouth.

Another symptom of tooth decay that can be noticed is bad breath. When plaque or tartar build up is seen in the mouth, bad breath is also noticed. Masking them with mouth fresheners and not seeking treatment will not remove the problem. Another problem linked that one can see with regard to tooth decay is gum disease. This will slowly commence with the inflammation of the gum tissue and pain in the gums. The gums will recede from the gum lining and will not be able to provide support to the teeth.

Dental filling treatment is not limited just for adults. Children with tooth issues also undergo this procedure. Milk teeth will give way to permanent teeth, but if this is due to decay then children also would need fillings. Maintaining oral health is possible if one opts for this dental procedure. Decay if unattended can affect neighbouring teeth and also the jaw bone. This will make it difficult for them to give support to the adult teeth when they appear. Dentists will suggest procedures to remove the cavity. In the case of children, it is generally metal fillings or white composite filling that is chosen. Metals are generally chosen as it is an easy procedure and less costly when compared with other procedures.

Care for dental fillings

After the procedure and the effect of local anaesthesia goes off, some would feel sensitivity. Discomfort or slight pain when consuming hot or cold food is known as teeth sensitivity. This is temporary and will go away after a few hours. Chewing and biting on food would exert pressure on the filling and cause pain. Immediately after the procedure, it is advisable to chew on the opposite side of the mouth where the procedure was not done.

Holding off sweets and candy and nuts from the diet right after the procedure is advisable. Sugary food can stick on the teeth filling and can even cause the filling to come off. Pressure when nuts are chewed can also force the filling to fall off. So it is important that diet is taken care of immediately after the procedure.

For good oral health and hygiene, it is important that dental appointments with specialists are kept. During the consultations, dentists will be able to check how the condition of the fillings – have they cracked or if there a leaking. Leaking refers to the situation in which the filling does not fit in correctly with the cavity. The gap between the teeth and the filling will lead to saliva and other debris to go in the cavity. This can lead to further infections. Dentists will be able to check this and provide timely treatment.

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