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Dental Care For Adults

March 24, 2018 5:26 pm Published by
dental care

Oral health is inextricably linked to the overall health of a person. As a person gets older, different ailments affect the body and body also gets weaker due to old age – this same process can also affect a person’s oral health. That is not to say that all older people have dental issues. With proper care and by following a good dental regime, dental health can be maintained even when a person gets older.

As age progressing, there is a general reduction in immunity of a person and like ailments affecting other parts of the body, dental health also gets affected. Losing teeth, having to use dentures because of this, experiencing symptoms of dry mouth etc. are some common dental issues that are seen among adults. In this article we discuss the common dental ailments in adults.

Tooth Decay

Many people lose teeth as they grow older. Tooth decay is hastened because of bacteria infecting the teeth and also because of plaque building up in the teeth. Both these will speed up the process of decay. Infection loosens the teeth and they fall off.

People resort to dentures when many teeth go missing. Some may even resort to placing crowns and fillings in their teeth. All these are generally decided after consultation with the dentist. What is best suited for a person is decided after assessing the oral health of the person. Many adults feel hesitant to interact with people when they lose their teeth, because their speech gets altered due to lack of teeth, and they are unable to eat all types of food like they used to – all these can have immense effect on their self-confidence.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is usually seen as inflammation of the gums – they become swollen and red. It can also be seen as a reflection of poor diet/food habits one followed when younger. Eating too much sugary food, drinking too much soda, heavy smoking – all these generally add up as contributing factors in tooth decay and gum diseases. As there are simple ways of cutting back sugar like eating fruit instead or eating sweets in moderation, to then switching cigarettes for vaping devices that you can find through companies such as Magic Vaporizers, there are always solutions to preventing gum disease and improving your health. Tvarious flavors of e-liquid.

Gum diseas have dry mouth. This is sometimes seen in cases of people who take certain types of medication. These medicines affect the prcf tion of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is needed to fight bacterial infection in the mouth. Reduction in saliva promotes the chance for bacterial infection in the mouth and gums.

Sensitivity in the Teeth

Teeth enamel is a very hard substance that is seen as a coating over the teeth. This enamel acts as a protective layer for the teeth. The interior region or pulp pf the teeth is protected by this enamel cover. The nerve endings are not exposed due to this covering. But enamel does not stay the same always. As a person grows older, there is reduction in enamel – it gets eroded. Eroding of the enamel is again linked to one’s eating habits, acidic food can hasten the eroding of enamel.

Once the enamel gets eroded, the interior area of the teeth is more exposed to food and drinks and gets directly affected by what is consumed. So you may experience pain and sensitivity when consuming hot or cold drinks. Maintaining good oral hygiene and making sure the correct toothpaste is used will help overcome this problem.

Caring for your teeth

Taking care of your teeth and making sure that there is no lapse in the dental health regime is important to maintain dental health. Right from childhood and continuing into old age – this is something which everyone has to be mindful about. As it says on, “Having an alluring smile and proper oral health necessitates daily commitment”. The key to oral health is regularity.

Regular dental examination: Regular dental examinations are important, more now in adult life than while younger, because if you did not have a good regime to maintain your dental hygiene, the effects will be seen now in adult life. If you notice any symptoms in your mouth, something which was not seen earlier, it is advisable that you get an appointment with your dentist at the earliest and seek treatment for it.

Brushing twice a day: Regular brushing of teeth, twice a day is important. Cleaning tongue should also be incorporated as a daily routine. Flossing will especially help to remove plaque from teeth.

Right toothpaste: It is not enough that you brush your teeth twice a day, it is also important to understand that the type of toothpaste you use also affects your dental health. As one grows older, enamel gets eroded. Using the correct toothpaste, with fluoride in it, helps strengthen the tooth enamel.

Taking care of dentures/other appliances: If you are using dentures or other appliances, then taking good care of them is equally important. Removing them and cleaning them thoroughly and placing them immersed in water when not in use – these are all things you can do to maintain your oral health.

Food habits: Take care of your food and drinks – try and avoid or at least minimize the consumption of sugary sodas, sweet treats, and acidic food that can corrode the enamel. Sugary food have a tendency to stick to teeth and cause tooth decay. Eat good nutritious food, and make sure there is a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Quit smoking: Teeth stain from the food and drinks that we consume. This staining is increased manifold if a person smokes heavily. If you are a smoker you would know you’re your own experience how fast the teeth get stained. It is important that you remove stains from your teeth by visiting your dentist. It is never too late to give this up. Maybe a way of preventing further stains on your teeth would be to look into a range of premium e liquids, to consider the idea of vaping. At least this way, you won’t have to worry about the issue. It does appear from studies on the matter that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking so might be a good option to transition to for the sake of your health overall. You could take a look at these vape tanks to give you an idea of the vaping products available to you. It might help your dentist out a bit too, when it comes to cleaning your teeth; even if it is their job. It is important to care for your teeth, as it does make all the difference to your appearance.

Not just that, it is important that you quit smoking as when one grows older the effects of smoking increases the chances of developing cavities, gum diseases, teeth decay and even oral cancer.

By following the simple steps above, you can make sure that you keep common dental ailments at bay. Just because you are getting older, you don’t have to compromise on the health of your teeth.

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