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Birds on a branch, painting class on 9th March at The Montague Hotel ,West End, QLD

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Queensland is  one of the most beautiful states of Australia with Brisbane as its capital city. Brisbane is named after the River  Brisbane which runs through the city to Moreton Bay.

Brisbane is very popular with tourists, coming after Sydney and Melbourne. There are unlimited options to do things in and around Brisbane’s idyllic surroundings. There are many unique features of Brisbane’s natural landscape, and the city is vibrant with malls, markets, shopping arcades, and galleries for art and craft opportunities.

Brisbane has very appealing scene in and around the city for organising and participating in events and shows. World class exhibitions and shows are organised in Brisbane’s lush environs.

A wide variety of attractions in arts field are found in Brisbane among which is a painting class with unique, interesting features.

The name of the painting class is ‘Birds on a Branch Paint and Sip’ organised by Montana Art Project.

This event is organised for people with a well developed taste in arts. It allows for an enjoyable, relaxing night in the company of friends and family if you so choose. The event enables your creative juices to flow and helps in achieving a sense of worth.

The large space available for the whole event helps in getting a whole group of people booked for the painting class which will allow for a night well spent in the company of your choice.

So how can you participate?

First of all you have to book your seat, which can be done online. Start by choosing a date and book a night for paint and sip. Discounts are offered for group bookings.

You will be served a glass of bubbly on arrival.  You will be then guided to the class and an artist will be assigned to you who will guide you through the painting. The instructions will be given only for the technicality of painting allowing for personal touches and individual creativity.

All the material required for the painting will be provided by the organisers. Some of the basic techniques using stencils, with acrylics on canvass will be shown. Ceramic painting or distressing and also fabric painting and jeans painting will be taught depending on your taste. The length of sessions will be approximately two and a half hours.

The one thing you must remember is bring your own bottle of wine, beer or soft drink which will add to your enjoyment throughout the night.

You can order food from the variety of choices available and eat in the comfort of surrounding vibrant environment.

The best thing about the whole event is you can take your paniting on a 60×76 cm canvass home! It’s your creation after all.

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